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WWF: A strong voice in a sea of confusion

Posted on: December 13, 2011

The hot potato for over a decade has been the environment, and the ever-present, unfolding disaster of climate change.


The World Wildlife Fund are an inspiring brand moving forward and continuing to connect, whilst avoiding bludgeoning sermons and a hard sell...

The world’s leaders are currently in Durban to discuss Kyoto and what the collected nations can achieve, and the early reports already don’t look good. Humans need clear, tangible disasters at their feet in order to believe they need to change their lifestyles. And it seems the world’s scientific community apparently isn’t enough to provoke fear in the general populace. It should.

Thankfully we have some very inspiring organizations like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace that quietly move along, working hard in the knowledge that what they are doing is right. They’ve been ‘at it’ for years (50 years in the case of WWF) and the sense of necessity has only grown. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the joy of being part of nature’s bounty are the only signposts they need to continue their crucial work. And you should see what groups like WWF are up to now – stronger, more clearly on-point and inspiring than ever. The winds of fashion have done nothing to dull the resolute blade of cohesive conservationist programs drawing in leaders like Al Gore and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio to champion the essential cause of the environment. The WWF website is also a great lesson in brand coherence and communication. Although they are a non-profit organization there are clear explanations of where funding goes, and accountability from the Chairman Larry Linden and CEO Carter Roberts. They are leading the mechanics of the organization and are happy to be present and accountable. In this age of mistrust, it’s refreshing.

The World Wildlife Fund are an inspiring brand moving forward and continuing to connect, whilst avoiding bludgeoning sermons and a hard sell. With five million members worldwide, accountability and transparency are crucial. And they achieve those feats – just looking at their website provides a necessary dose of positivity and admiration. If they won’t proselytize, I will.


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