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Turning Green into Gold

Posted on: November 11, 2012

Forestry Investments

Forestry Investments

The last decade has seen a massive transformation in ‘green’ consumer consciousness, one that is proving to be as much a political instigator and protocol changer as the multitude of scientists warning us about climate change. Indeed, this current generation of media savvy individuals have real political clout, are informed and vocal about what they want – ethical, responsible, honest products and services. This winning combination is what is affecting positive global change and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Whether it’s renewable energy investments like solar panels in the Sahara desert, planting and harvesting trees in Brazil or the notion of finding a way to turn a profit with carbon capture and storage innovations, businesses across every sector must realize that the future has to be one that is sustainable. So, it’s very encouraging to see a new, progressive era of entrepreneurs and start-ups emerging with more than just money on their minds.

Everything from fair trade shoes and clothing, to locally sourced and seasonal food to the aforementioned solar and timbre industries are becoming the vanguard of new business enterprises. The last industry, in particular, is currently gaining much media attention by having young businessmen like Andrew Skeene and Omari Bowers and their company, Global Forestry Investments, forming over an ingenious idea to sell sustainable forestry investments in Brazil. It’s easy to not realize how profitable timbre is, and these gentleman found that by taking tracts of unused land and planting trees in Brazil they are able to find investors that are almost guaranteed a 20% return on their investment and are able to ethically help those in the forest communities and the environment as a whole.

Forbes magazine is one of several publications that has featured the pair and explained how they are building on a profitable idea, and also helping those in the surrounding environment by providing jobs and funding for local schools and education centres. It’s also a fantastic niche to fill for smaller investors, as Brazil, along with the other BRIC countries has been inundated with large-scale investment and businesses recently, but Global Forestry Investments is able to help smaller investors get started with as little as £5,000. Each tree that an investor purchases is replaced in a protected area by Global Forestry Investments – and the profit on those initial investments is up there with gold bullion in terms of a return. It makes sense when you think about the growing population and their unquenchable need for timbre of all kinds. There is, after all, a finite amount of space and time available to cultivate new woods.

The dynamic duo are also taking a prescient view on new, emerging agricultural crops like sugarcane, which can then be harvested for ethanol. As they are quoted in Forbes, “The opportunities are endless in regards to infrastructure and agriculture,” and it’s nice to know that the drive to be ethical is as much a motivating factor as their impressive business acumen.


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