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About Finally Good News

Hello and Welcome,

As we are constantly reminded by politicians, business analysts, scientists and the press that the end is nigh, it’s an important challenge to see beyond the haze of negativity and realize that we, each of us, can affect change and be the writers of at least a certain kind of destiny; take succor and inspiration from what can be achieved individually and collectively.

And that last word is an interesting one – collectively. As much as a perverse version of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s notion of individualism seems to define much of Western thought (if you don’t believe me, go Christmas shopping in a large city), the planet cannot help but be more collective – flags and borders will, I believe, erode one day – because necessity deems it so. We are all tied to the same breathing orb called planet earth, and can make things beautiful, thoughtful, functional, rational and of course, exceptional. And those are the basic tenets of this journal – in short, a celebration of the Good Stuff!

With this in mind, “Finally Good News” aims to illuminate and share stories of positive progression, positive change, good news and hopefully an inspiring framework celebrating those in our global community that don’t believe the end is near, but rather, endless possibilities are here. On that note, please come inside and welcome to the future.


2 Responses to "About Finally Good News"

Great agenda Robin and approach to the subject.

Thanks Erich, very appreciated!

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