Finally Good News

About the Author

After achieving a joint degree in philosophy and economics, Robin Cook left academia to help Oxfam supply villages outside of Mali with infrastructure and modern schooling facilities. Having grown up in an affluent suburb of Miami, the privations of Africa provided not only a stark contrast to everything he had hitherto known, but also the desire to write about politics and inspiring world developments.

Optimism, coupled with the strong desire to write as well as Graham Greene or George Orwell, have led to this: a journal of hopeful progress from the front line of positive political action and philanthropy. The huge developments in the tech sector and the feeling that the public now demands, more than ever, accountability from political and business leaders provides an exciting journalistic backdrop; democratized communication is just beginning to truly take off, and the need to share the best and most inspiring ideas is something that will only intensify in the near future. Progress is inevitable; positive progress is essential.


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Positive perspectives from the frontline

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