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Amanda Palmer

English: Amanda Palmer Live 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After reading repeatedly about Kickstarter and this new era of creative philanthropy, it’s interesting to see how the mechanics of such coin-in-cup operations are continuing to develop. The music industry has seen an unprecedented shift in business in the last fifteen years, attempting clumsily to keep up with technology and the public’s desire for immediate (and free) music via downloads. The industry’s indecision has also created a burgeoning DIY propensity amongst artists and also the desire on behalf of the public to fund them. The fact that said public doesn’t actually want any tactile or physical evidence of their expenditure is even more baffling – they just want to give!

There have been several recent cases that are quite extraordinary; one concerns the Kickstarter drive of musician Amanda Palmer, who in reaching out to the public to help finance her tour, ended up receiving $1m in donations and then proceeded to not pay the musicians in her band! On a more humanitarian (and Hollywood) level, CNN recently featured an article about a homeless man who found an expensive diamond ring in his coin cup, proceeded to save it and give it back to the lady who unwittingly left it with him. Read the rest of this entry »

Greece Flag

“Shipping billionaires like Thanassis Martinos are doing their part by providing jobs to young people whose unemployment stands at about 50%…”

It was interesting to read recently in the New York Times how immensely wealthy Greek tycoons are helping their countrymen in these difficult times. The news has been full of heartbreaking stories of children left to orphanages, a huge surge of homelessness in Athens and other major cities and an exodus of the rich to the more hospitable climes of France or the UK (only just). But, there are those that have stayed and vowed to fight – politically and financially – to help bring their country back from the brink. Read the rest of this entry »

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

Today’s philanthropists are getting involved, as if it were a personal business venture, ensuring that they feel the benefits of their actions

Much has been made of the philanthropic pursuits of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in the last few years, and the extent of their financial muscle only highlights the disparity between the ‘haves and have-nots.’ The world is mostly living through intensive economic turmoil right now, but this belies the huge amount of money that was generated in many corporate circles in the last decade or so. Essentially, the people that have money, have A LOT of it.

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With the accessibility of information these days, it’s apparent a new sharing, ethical high ground is being embraced by

Giving pledge

"A little over a year ago it emerged that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett had begun a drive to get America's wealthiest to sign up to their 'giving pledge' - effectively agreeing to give away half of their fortunes before they die..."

some of society’s ‘big fish.’ At a time when the US Republican presidential hopefuls are being publically seen as greedy tax dodgers, it’s refreshing to see a dialogue emerging in the media and elsewhere about the latest craze: Giving. A little over a year ago it emerged that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett had begun a drive to get America’s wealthiest to sign up to their ‘giving pledge‘ – effectively agreeing to give away half of their fortunes before they die. The program has snowballed and is a prescient view of how we, even without that kind of money, should approach living.

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