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“after the latest press, Apple has once again joined up to the EPEAT system, making a case for how we, collectively, have more power than ever before”

Humans are now collectively policing each other in unprecedented ways. Much has been made of this new era of ‘social responsibility,’ and the good news is that corporations, governments and all public officials are on display and criticism is never far away – ‘public office’ means just that. This, of course, has its own problems with privacy and the idea that with the explosion of social media and Internet connectivity, we are all judges. But, isn’t that a pillar of democracy? Read the rest of this entry »


The constant scrutiny afforded the current generation of technology users is truly unprecedented. The Arab Spring, Moscow,

Workers’ Rights: Now a Global Reality

Workers’ Rights: Now a Global Reality

Occupy Wall Street and the organization of the aforementioned is something unseen before – technology has given birth to a global police force/media enterprise – we’re policing the police. And so it is, that even a country with a questionable human rights record like China, is bowing to international pressure, and changing for the better.

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