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Only within the last decade have humans really begun to consciously become aware of our consumption propensities and the effect they may have on what is around us, and our health in general. It isn’t just climate change that has people buzzing, but iStock_000020727386XSmallalso sourcing products responsibly, understanding what is more elemental and essential and trying to be a ‘good human.’ It’s funny that it’s taken this long to see that this orb called Earth isn’t just a plaything.

What does this have to do with a giant microwave oven-looking specimen in Lubbock, Texas you ask? Well, food scarcity is beginning to make headlines as the new universal threat. Read the rest of this entry »

Mikhael Gorbachev

Mikhael Gorbachev: called for action on the scarcity of water and illuminated the simple fact that there “is no substitute” for it

Now that the environment is an issue on everyone’s table – having finally left the confines of what the public believes is the bearded lunatic fringe – it’s becoming an agenda for governments the world over. It’s unavoidable. The economics of water loss will impact hugely on farming, food prices and sustainability in vast stretches of the world, and southern Europe is already feeling the heat. A recent BBC piece detailing the impending scarcity of water shows that the good news behind this possible new calamity is prescient action from scientists and politicians.

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It was four years ago that the idea was hatched to incorporate environmental causes, education and fund–raising to the agenda. And it has blossomed amazingly since...

It’s exciting to learn of an industry that is prescient enough to incorporate a positive, philanthropic element in what they do. It also makes sense that when you’re talking about an industry, like the travel and tourism business, that conservation become integrated into the health of your business. After all, a blighted landscape isn’t any more sustainable for commerce than it is for the environment. But, beyond the necessity of many businesses ‘going green,’ there are those that grab the idea with both hands and really push a multitude of causes in creative, unique ways – and really believe in the value of what they’re adding to the planet.

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Let’s face it – it’s hard to be hopeful. With the current economic climate in Europe and America, politicians are fighting to


The recent North American International auto show, the largest in the US, has come back fighting, and the color is green

stay alive in an increasingly skeptical landscape. And the public is just fighting with frustration. But if one takes the time to read the fine print (although that tends to be conflicting and contradictory, too) there are always rays of optimism lurking there – sometimes in the most unlikely places.

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After Canada’s bow out of the latest Kyoto summit, it’s easy to be disheartened with the current state of the environment

Ernest Moniz

Ernest Moniz, believes that US carbon emissions could be cut by a whopping 20% "overnight," if a successful carbon price was agreed upon

in governmental policy. But, there are huge advances in research and development currently taking place, with some of the world’s brightest minds actively seeking a feasible cut with coal. Some of these developments, such as solar power, are starting to move well beyond the ‘pipe dream’ phase and garner serious attention at the investment level. And let’s be honest, changes in human consumption can only really kick in when the profit motive becomes apparent for industry and attendant policymakers. The good news is that the time is right for businesses and researchers to get behind coal alternatives.

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