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Fred Pearce - RIO +20 Conclusions

“..if sustainability becomes integrated into the fabric of nation’s economies, there is hope..”

After the Rio+20 convention left most people disheartened about the possibility of turning humans away from their profligate consumption, and most activists and analysts shouting, ‘this is a whitewash,’ there does seem to be a kernel of hope from the meeting’s outcome. The Guardian newspaper has profiled an interesting side to the seemingly stalled environmental discussions – the idea of “Green Economics” was, apparently, much discussed but was left off of the main agenda. Read the rest of this entry »

Rio+20 Global Change

“What needs to happen for the future is a more concerted effort by the public to be involved with the policymakers – it’s easier than ever, with social media outlets – but it will also take more than painted faces and a few bongo players at the OWS rallies…”

The recent Rio+20 meeting of the leaders of the developed and developing world has already had somewhat of a divisive and muted response from the press and analysts. The 50-page text is still not completed by the time of this post, however, so the efforts of those involved cannot yet be properly assessed. The seemingly insurmountable problems of climate change, population growth and monetary inequalities are enough for one country to effectively deal with, much less all of the world’s nations. As was expected, the developed side of the coin – U.S., UK et al – managed to negotiate themselves out of firmly committing to climate objectives or providing a dollar amount to be given to the developing world for ‘going green.’

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Richard Branson

“Richard Branson was reported to be sponsoring a twenty-five million dollar purse, called Virgin Earth Challenge, to the group of researchers, academics or scientists that could implement the most cost effective carbon capture storage (CCS) idea …”

Energy issues are increasingly in the press, and politicians are under more pressure than ever to find solutions to our planet’s finite resources, increasing population (and one that is living longer) and the inability to reconcile the costs of ‘going green.’ Luckily a new generation of engineers and entrepreneurs are being trained at top schools, and are eager, to deal with the things that policymakers won’t – namely effective alternatives to a rapidly changing landscape of energy requirements.

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