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Richard Branson

“Richard Branson was reported to be sponsoring a twenty-five million dollar purse, called Virgin Earth Challenge, to the group of researchers, academics or scientists that could implement the most cost effective carbon capture storage (CCS) idea …”

Energy issues are increasingly in the press, and politicians are under more pressure than ever to find solutions to our planet’s finite resources, increasing population (and one that is living longer) and the inability to reconcile the costs of ‘going green.’ Luckily a new generation of engineers and entrepreneurs are being trained at top schools, and are eager, to deal with the things that policymakers won’t – namely effective alternatives to a rapidly changing landscape of energy requirements.

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The hot potato for over a decade has been the environment, and the ever-present, unfolding disaster of climate change.


The World Wildlife Fund are an inspiring brand moving forward and continuing to connect, whilst avoiding bludgeoning sermons and a hard sell...

The world’s leaders are currently in Durban to discuss Kyoto and what the collected nations can achieve, and the early reports already don’t look good. Humans need clear, tangible disasters at their feet in order to believe they need to change their lifestyles. And it seems the world’s scientific community apparently isn’t enough to provoke fear in the general populace. It should.

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