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As most of the press, broadsheets or blogs, are predicated on facilitating drama –one way or another – negative stories always trump those waving a flag of encouragement. I don’t know if this is a human quirk, a prehistoric perversion

marine protected area

marine protected area

akin to staring at a car wreck, or if it has more to do with a modern model of ‘what sells?’ Perhaps both. Nonetheless, it’s lovely to read about multinational environmental initiatives that work, and are actually on schedule!

From the diminishing ice in the Arctic (now at unforeseen dangerously low levels), to political fumbling over Kyoto or renewable energy investments – the news is hardly ever good. A classic case of humans hoping environmental problems will just go away if they avert their eyes. Read the rest of this entry »


Let’s face it – it’s hard to be hopeful. With the current economic climate in Europe and America, politicians are fighting to


The recent North American International auto show, the largest in the US, has come back fighting, and the color is green

stay alive in an increasingly skeptical landscape. And the public is just fighting with frustration. But if one takes the time to read the fine print (although that tends to be conflicting and contradictory, too) there are always rays of optimism lurking there – sometimes in the most unlikely places.

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