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Coffee in London

With TV chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, Britain is arguably leading the world in culinary activities…

As someone who first moved to London in 1987, I’ve seen the city experience an enormous transformation since then. It’s always been an epicentre of cultural activity, but one had to be wealthy or look hard for the kind of lifestyle and consumer choices that are now so readily available – a proper cup of coffee couldn’t be had outside of Soho until 1999, for instance. Nowadays, however, London is a full-blown retail and consumer driven experience, catering to every whim and fancy that the market desires; one could argue against the homogeneous nature of globalization, but I think the options and incredible level of quality that the city now offers is fantastic, and people are beginning to desire something more personal. Suffice to say, a good cup of coffee is not hard to find in 2012. Read the rest of this entry »


“Our intent is to offer an alternative food buying network, by connecting an urban community with the local farming community…”

It’s a great feeling being inspired by an idea, and those implementing it – especially when it benefits a local community. Having seen a recent British documentary about a new-paradigm grocery store in London, dubbed The People’s Supermarket, it put a smile on this writer’s face to see a quality, local business delivering an alternative to the homogenized grocery monopolies. Britain, like most countries, has just a few food commercial high street food choices, begging the questions – why, and can this be done better?

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