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It was four years ago that the idea was hatched to incorporate environmental causes, education and fund–raising to the agenda. And it has blossomed amazingly since...

It’s exciting to learn of an industry that is prescient enough to incorporate a positive, philanthropic element in what they do. It also makes sense that when you’re talking about an industry, like the travel and tourism business, that conservation become integrated into the health of your business. After all, a blighted landscape isn’t any more sustainable for commerce than it is for the environment. But, beyond the necessity of many businesses ‘going green,’ there are those that grab the idea with both hands and really push a multitude of causes in creative, unique ways – and really believe in the value of what they’re adding to the planet.

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The hot potato for over a decade has been the environment, and the ever-present, unfolding disaster of climate change.


The World Wildlife Fund are an inspiring brand moving forward and continuing to connect, whilst avoiding bludgeoning sermons and a hard sell...

The world’s leaders are currently in Durban to discuss Kyoto and what the collected nations can achieve, and the early reports already don’t look good. Humans need clear, tangible disasters at their feet in order to believe they need to change their lifestyles. And it seems the world’s scientific community apparently isn’t enough to provoke fear in the general populace. It should.

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