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Katherine Lucey

Katherine Lucey
“TEDxPVD-129 (Photo credit: TEDxProvidence)”

It is often argued that limitations are the fuel for creativity – innovation and ambition not being reliant upon access to technological tools or even much financial support. If the above idea is true, then Africa’s advances in the last five years are proof positive that willful ingenuity is the real backbone of groundbreaking entrepreneurial successes. CNN has been running an excellent series on African nations’ new role in devising ingenious uses for mobile phones – from banking to medical advice – and ways to harness renewable energy resources to help create better lives in many seriously impoverished areas.

The latest article details how a new initiative to be bring solar power to poor areas is helping those without electricity and empowering the women who are selling this unique service. Katherine Lucey is the founder of Solar Sister, an organization built around women helping poor communities escape ‘energy poverty’ by providing affordable solar-powered devices such as lights, and mobile phone chargers, ultimately helping those desperately in need of energy sources. Read the rest of this entry »

Richard Branson

“Richard Branson was reported to be sponsoring a twenty-five million dollar purse, called Virgin Earth Challenge, to the group of researchers, academics or scientists that could implement the most cost effective carbon capture storage (CCS) idea …”

Energy issues are increasingly in the press, and politicians are under more pressure than ever to find solutions to our planet’s finite resources, increasing population (and one that is living longer) and the inability to reconcile the costs of ‘going green.’ Luckily a new generation of engineers and entrepreneurs are being trained at top schools, and are eager, to deal with the things that policymakers won’t – namely effective alternatives to a rapidly changing landscape of energy requirements.

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Terry Macallister

Macallister points out, “BP has brought in astronauts from Nasa, nuclear physicists and a host of other non-oil men and women..."

It’s easy to be pessimistic about the big oil companies, who, like banks are the unspoken scourge of the populace. And also like banks, sadly we all need their services – an unhealthy conundrum best left alone, it seems most people believe. That is, until something goes terribly wrong, like with the recent Deepwater Horizon disaster; images of oil-cloaked sea birds and fiery geysers inspire collective revulsion for our oil dependent ways – and more directed towards the companies that provide it. But, we still need to drive our cars, so after the public flogging of BP, and recently Chevron, what really has changed with deepwater drilling? Read the rest of this entry »

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