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Carbon capture and storage

"The UK government has already agreed to put a £1bn towards the initiative and many other nations, like Sweden and the U.S. are hard at work with pilot programs already under way..."

Imagine all of the greenhouse gases that are destroying the atmosphere being captured and stored underground, before they reach the skies. It’s plausible and beginning to happen – moving from the research level to potentially revolutionizing a multitude of industries, according to a recent UK report. If governments can get behind the new technological advancements taking place with CCS (and that, of course, means large financial allocations), climate change may be slowed, or potentially quelled. Read the rest of this entry »


As we beckon ever more connectivity in our lives, its (and our) impact on the planet may prove beneficial. Employee

Accountability will save us

Accountability will save us

rights, Fairtrade concerns and legitimate sourcing of raw material make for a new era of business and political motivations – and accountability. As with the latest press on China’s Foxconn manufacturing and employee relations, so to it is with the volatile and sensitive area of illegal logging and deforestation. Businesses and governments are being forced to acknowledge the ‘paper trail’ of consequences that occur from one mishap to another. For example, the devastating flooding at Christmas in the Philippinesis, of course, weather related, but also connected to deforestation.

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Positive perspectives from the frontline

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